Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frequently, the complaint I hear most from sales people is that management makes them waste too much time filling out reports, or using CRM tools. When I hear this, the first thing I do is check their FB page to see how often they play Farmville.

Truthfully, how long do you spend on email or FB each morning before you really get into your day? How many of those emails are urgent or business critical? How many times a day do you trek to the coffee machine or outside for a smoke?

For those of you who want to Plan your Success in 2011, i am providing a Road Map for getting started. Give up your FB time for 3 mornings and you will be on your way! Let me know if I can help. \

I.           Analyze:  Good planning always begins by analyzing last year's business.  I mean real scrutiny. 

a.   Make a list of the accounts you won and the accounts you lost.  (I need a big glass of wine for the second part). 

                                          i.    Perform a Win / Loss review of your previous year’s deals: Why did you win or lose?
                                         ii.    List how the lead was generated and by whom,
                                        iii.    Determine if there was an account plan, where it was followed and where you failed to execute,
                                        iv.    Determine where mistakes were made (even in winning business, we make mistakes),  to eradicate them in future deals
                                         v.    Review victories, to create best practices 
                                        vi.    Do your wins or losses share any common traits?

b.     Analyze your customers by segment:
                                          i.    Best and worst
                                         ii.    By Industry
                                        iii.    By  Order Size

c.     Review your products and services by segment:
                                          i.    Which ones does your company sell the most?
                                         ii.    Which ones do you sell the most?
                                        iii.    What is your most profitable business?
                                        iv.    What products and services get the best reviews from customers?

II.          Objectives:  Now that you have completed the review, it is time to set Objectives.  These will include your quota, but should also include personal goals. 

a.     Quota:  What will drive your success?
b.     What is your desired product mix? 
c.     What customers and prospects will be included?
d.     What percent will be from existing customers versus new sales? 
e.     Are these objectives consistent with last year's performance? 

III.         Measurement;  After setting objectives, you will need to put performance metrics in place to measure:

a.     How you are performing against your goals ?
                                          i.    Monthly,
                                         ii.    Quarterly
                                        iii.    Annually?
b.     Is your revenue is coming from different sources than previously planned? 
                                          i.    Do you need to alter your plan to address changes in Industry,
                                         ii.    Customer or
                                        iii.    Product Mix?
c.     If your Target Account List is providing thedesired results? 

IV.         Planning;   Finally, you need to create the Strategy and Tactics that you will use to maximize your performance results. 

a.     What Industries or Verticals will you target? 
b.     Where will you network?  Get Leads? 
c.     How will you drive Business Referrals? 
d.     How many calls, letters, and emails will you send? 
e.     How many hours of research will be completed each week and when?
f.       What classes will you attend? 

V.              Target Accounts: 

a.   I like to start with a Top 25 list.  Remember that this list is Dynamic and will change as you learn more about the target companies
b.   Review that list monthly and add or remove companies based on results. 
c.   If you are having success in a particular vertical you may want to add a separate Target Account list for that vertical.

Remember, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  - Winston Churchhill

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